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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Toket Montok Rini Wulandari Idol

toket montok
rini idol
artis idol
rini bugil
rini telanjang
payudara rini
toket rini
model bugil
Remember Joy Tobing, jawara Indian Idol 1? After Joy, now have Rini, champion of women in the new Idol. Rini mengumbar promise will not follow the Joy of hengkang Idol.

Just after the Joy out, so that Delon successor as jawara Indian Idol 1. Name Delon more bounce, while Joy drowned.

Although the same jawara women in Idol, Rini's fate did not want to seem like Joy. He chose not violate the contract and the faithful at the event itself popularize it.

"I will remain in the management of MNC, 3 year contract," said the girl was home at Medan in the Bellagio Residence, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta.

According to Rini, the management is now different from the menaunginya Joy. Since Indian Idol 3, Idol finalist and champion joined in manejemen MNC.

As champion, the owner of Rini Wulandari look forward to soon release a new album. He hopes to sing songs bergenre pop or R & B of the dikuasainya.

"Without the flow of the music I leave, I would want to have the desire to follow the market. The market was crowded at the themes of love," said a girl for 6 months to come will live in the Bellagio Residence

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